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Zero Gravity Field Trips, Fundraisers, Youth Group activites

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Rent Zero Gravity for Field Trips,
Fundraisers, or Youth Group Activities!

More Play. More Learning.

Looking for the best place to host a Field Trip, Fundraiser, or Youth Group Activity? Rent out Zero Gravity today!

Nobody wants kids to stop learning, and the BEST way to continue learning is through play! At Zero Gravity, we provide fun and play opportunities for all ages. 

Zero Gravity Kids Jumping
School Events & Activities in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Rent out our event space to fit any size group or budget, Zero Gravity is the place to hold your next field trip, school fundraiser, or youth group activity. 

Field Trips

We feature the best field trips in Minneapolis! Our multiple zones encourage physical activity and promote a positive attitude toward exercise. Children are encouraged to actively problem solve, work together with their classmates, and challenge themselves in new ways.

Bounce Around Kids

We know there are a host of health benefits for bounce-related activities. But the biggest benefit is that it is fun on so many levels. As far as physical education goes, it’s definitely a great way to get moving!

There’s certainly a place for doing basic exercises, but every once in a while, something to help break up the monotony is a good thing for both the body and the mind of a child. Naturally, we want to make sure that all of our guests can enjoy a low-impact and high-energy workout while maintaining the best in personal safety.

Applied Science

When coming up with field trip ideas, educators want to make sure students are learning something new. We want to see that happen as well, and we’re pretty confident that a couple of rounds of dodgeball in our trampoline areas will give kids a whole new appreciation for scientific concepts in basic physics and geometry.

After all, trampolines are the easiest example of “what goes up must eventually come down.” And nothing quite illustrates Newton’s laws of motion quite like taking a dodgeball hit someplace and seeing which way a person spins.

Earned Self-Esteem

When considering where to hold a field trip in the Twin Cities area, one thing that might be overlooked is what the students learn about themselves. How they handle adversity, how they work in a team with other students, and how they recover from failures can all be tested by a run through our Aerial Challenge Course.

While they might not be ready to take on American Ninja Warrior after a run, it’s a good bet that they’ll be feeling a lot better about themselves for conquering as much as they can!

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